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More About Sartoria Underwear
Sartoria Underwear comes from a Canadian label based out of Toronto whose specialty will warm even the coldest of bums: cashmere underwear. Sartoria Underwear is made from upcycled cashmere and merino wool sweaters that are re-cut and sewn into fantastically cozy underwear. Beyond making outstandingly comfortable apparel, Sartoria Underwear and its two principal seamstresses aim to maintain the more difficult but “resourcefully responsible” methodology that has them preserving as best they can the original sweater’s character in the refashioned undergarment. Sartoria Underwear is not only good for you, its good for the environment as well.

If you found this long winter to be simply too much for your cotton underwear, a visit to the website might be in order. For the colder climates, Sartoria Underwear is a must.