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More About Ristefsky Macheda
Founded in 2003 by Stephen Ristefsky and Vincent Macheda, Ristefsky Macheda holds a focus towards men who live busy lifestyles, yet take pride in their appearance. Ristefsky Macheda releases new underwear collections in line with the fashion calendar generally twice a year, though items may be added to the brand’s collections throughout the year.

“Underwear is important to Ristefsky Macheda, and its attitude to underwear is that of any garment,” according to the brand. “After all, it’s the first item you put on and the last one you take off.” Ristefsky Macheda Underwear is held to high standards, made from fabrics like 100% cotton as well as cotton and spandex blends. Ultimately, all of the brand’s decisions regarding fabric, cut and design revolve around an underwear collection’s ability to maintain comfort, quality, shape and breathability.

While Ristefky Macheda offers both briefs and trunks, the brand in no way limits themselves to the two options as set designs. The brand’s briefs, for example, come in both an athletic cut and retro-inspired cut, with different colors and designs for each. In its designs, Ristefsky Macheda pays close attention to make sure “garments not only look good and are priced well, but also feel great.” Could you ask for anything more?

The Melbourne, Australian brand’s amazing designs feature elegant and eye-catching color contrasts, some with deep reds and blue contrasted by white trimming. Ristefsky Macheda even features a trendy silver waistband in a few of its collections, adding immeasurable style to an already amazing product.