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More About Pull-In
Based in France, Pull-In is an international brand of underwear and beachwear that features cutting edge designs and bold prints for men, women and children. Worn by celebrities such as Madonna, Eva Mendes, Snoop Dogg and Ben Gordon of the Chicago Bulls, Pull-In was originally founded as a surfer apparel company by former electrical engineer Emmanuel Lohéac in 2000, who abandoned his job to pursue a career closely linked to his love of surfing.

Lohéac currently serves as the brand’s senior designer and CEO. He collaborates with a team of graphic designers who focus on Pull-In’s cleverly designed prints. Inspired by pop culture imagery and other trend setting resources, Pull-In Underwear features punchy, all-over prints that showcase vivid colors and bold geometric shapes. Pull-In also strongly emphasizes the designs of its waistbands, which feature the brand’s signature logo on the front center of every product.

Pull-In Underwear comes in three styles: brief, boxer brief and shorty—the brand’s signature interpretation of a trunk. The brand renews its collections with new colors and prints every season, (Party Time, Spring, Summer and Winter).

Manufactured in Europe, Pull-In makes most of its men’s underwear collections from lycra, a spandex fiber blended with other fabrics that offers unique stretch and recovery properties. The Pull-In Underwear lycra fabric blend has become well known for offering comfort, fit, dimensional stability, durability and freedom of movement. What’s more, this fabric blend can be stretched seven times its size and returns to its original shape, according to the brand. To prevent any irritation, the elastic waistband is a jacquard band and comes with strong flatlock seams that leave a smooth surface.

In addition to underwear, Pull-In offers a range of varied products such as socks, loungewear, accessories, swimwear and denim. Pull-In has joined forces with StepArt for a unique collection of t-shirts with matching Lycra boxer shorts that boast graphic logos, fun messages and ultra- creative designs. The Pull-In’s swimwear collection offers board shorts with playful prints and fun colors.