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More About Private Structure
Enhancing confidence through chic underwear and up-to-date trends, Private Structure offers an opportunity to be different while retaining everyday comfort in its underwear. The brand targets men 18-35 who appreciate the creativity, confidence boost and sophistication that Private Structure has to offer.

Private Structure offers a broad variety of underwear design and styles without sacrificing quality. New products are released every season with the brand branching out into further options such as lounge wear, gym wear and casual wear. In addition to underwear, Private Structure offers t-shirts, polos and pants for men and women in a wide range of colors and cuts.

Underwear is available under two collections: Nos Collection and Nos Spectrum. Private Structure underwear offers numerous shapes in order to satisfy the need for underwear cuts outside of the conventional. The brand offers unique styles like hipsters, mini briefs and split boxers while also including the classic Private Structure briefs, boxer briefs and boxer shorts.

In order to supply consumers with quality comfort, Private Structure utilizes nylon and spandex fabric blends for support and luxury throughout the day. The brand also ensures an option for everyone by providing classic solid tones as well as brighter designs for bolder individuals.

In an effort to emerge as an international brand, Private Structure takes customer opinion into heavy consideration. The brand invests in new ways to communicate with both returning and new customers in order to maintain a positive relationship.