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More About PPU Underwear
PPU Underwear is stylish, sexy, bold, and not for everyone. Their tongue-in-cheek, direct approach features men’s apparel that spans the entire realm of undergarments: revealing jockstraps that are even more revealing and colorful than the average jockstrap, bikinis that are barely there, and briefs and boxer briefs that are cut out to stand out. Produced with the most supportive materials available on the market, PPU Underwear is a stylish alternative to the norm and promises to deliver apparel to men that want more options than what the mainstream offers them.

From retro to futuristic and everything in between, PPU Underwear is styled to turn heads and race the pulse. Since 2000, this New York-based retailer has been known for producing a line that offers up something for nearly any undergarment fetish. The PPU Underwear design team has obviously done their homework, as PPU Underwear features pieces that are well known for pushing the envelope and ripping it to pieces. PPU Underwear intensely uses the intel of industry experts and customer comments to attract and retain the business of the most discerning men. PPU Underwear has made good on their promise to remain racy and original.