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More About Polar Bares
Founded in June of 2011 by Phil Clowater, Polar Bares targets young, fun-loving men who love to wear their skivvies. Polar Bares “strives to be your unique pair of underwear,” and its designs certainly reflect a fun and unique style any man could love.

Currently featuring styles in bikini briefs and trunks, Polar Bares also intends to include jocks and classic briefs in the near future. Regardless of style, Polar Bares includes beautiful designs on its underwear that are both elegant and trendy.

In an interview with The Underwear Expert, Clowater elaborated on his inspiration: “Nothing beats the colors of the sky on water/snow, and that’s where I take a lot of my inspiration from.” Clowater’s Polar Bares brand features underwear with interesting shades such as soft Caribbean greens and bright reds that can only be found in the sky as he describes. With slight deviation from normal colors, Polar Bares also features a trendy grey and silver waistband, which rides low on the hips for comfort. In addition to its beautiful colors, Polar Bares also features graphic designs, which capture a sense of youth and abstract shape.

Polar Bares values a soft fit, using cotton and nylon spandex in its collections. All of the brand’s fabrics are enjoyably soft, with a bit of stretch for extra comfort as well as being lightweight, but durable. Clowater makes it clear that he and his brand are open to change, and intends to add more fabric and design choices in the future.