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More About Pistol Pete Underwear
Pistol Pete Underwear has been around for a generation, and in that short amount of time, they have set trends that have been copied over and over again by companies attempting to ride their coattails. Founded by Pedro Diaz in 1997, Pistol Pete Underwear and Pistol Pete Swimwear have remained a considerable force to be reckoned with, featuring an array of products that encompass the entire gamut of what is currently offered in the realm of men’s apparel: swimwear, athletic/gym wear, and sportswear.

Adjectives that are associated with the Pistol Pete Underwear brand include vibrant, compelling, sexy, and stylish. From their briefs to their jocks and even their club-wear, they have continued to push the boundaries of what is considered safe in men’s undergarments and flipped the script forever. Hailing from Los Angeles and reflecting the tastes of men worldwide, Pistol Pete Underwear and Pistol Pete Swimwear display a confidence and chic mentality that is rarely equalled, never surpassed.