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More About PetitQ
Ready for that quintessential sexiness that can be brought to you as only the French know how? Ready for the quality that you’ve been searching high and low for, but escapes most brands? Well, stop in your tracks, because we’ve got just the thing. Petit Q is a French brand that brings the sexy back to the forefront, courtesy of designers Arthus & Nico. After nearly a decade in men’s apparel, PetitQ is known worldwide for a collection that oozes sex appeal, intimacy, and that certain va-va-voom factor that is necessary for the discerning man that is unafraid to show off his best assets, and then some.

A relative newcomer to the undergarment side of men’s apparel, Petit Q now has a line that includes many styles of underwear, swimwear, harnesses, jockstraps, and more. They are available in 17 countries, 4 continents, and counting. Their unique, distinctive line, crafted in Saumur, France, is edgy enough to be singular, but fitted enough to appeal to the masses. Petit Q has an advertising campaign that has helped them make a splash in the industry, and now they are known across the world as a French brand that is a force to be reckoned with. Are you in Petit Q Underwear yet?