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More About Ohganix
Founded with the intention of creating health conscious and organic intimate apparel, Ohganix  is more than just an underwear brand; it’s a lifestyle. Made from the finest organic and natural fabrics, the brand offers a sexy yet classy alternative underwear.

Designed and created by Michelle Kramer, Ohganix offers styles in men’s boxer briefs and boxer shorts. Though the collections are entirely organic, Kramer makes it clear that her men’s underwear is “sexy and luxurious rather than ‘hippy’ and granola’.” Through the use of entirely organic fabrics, Ohganix wearers reap the maximum benefits of their underwear.

Ohganix’s fabrics, which include Hemp, Tencel (made from Eucalyptus Trees), Modal (made from Beech Wood Trees) and organic cotton, give its wearers perks they’ll probably never find elsewhere. The entirely natural line of fabrics is free of synthetic materials, which reportedly can cause skin allergies, irritation and suffocate the skin from its natural detoxification process. Instead, the organic materials are naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal, moisture wicking and breathable.

Ohganix collections don’t just get by on their uses of organic fabrics however, the underwear designs also feature amazing designs made for the superior comfort of the wearer, including a fully covered elastic band as well as a seamless inner pouch for a luxurious feel.

It seems with the world growing more and more technology and manufacturing based, underwear consumers are quick to buy what simply looks good. Ohganix challenges the average underwear buyer to think outside the undies, and go organic in the pants.