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More About Nutbra Underwear
Nutbra Underwear is the creation of an innovative young man who wanted to help all men achieve that winning look down below by using cutting edge fabric and materials. Nutbra Underwear, the brainchild of one Beauchamp Cockstrong, is geared towards producing simply the best undergarments. After several months of consulting great minds in the fields of “engineering, philosophy and fox hunting,” (his words–not ours!), Mr. Cockstrong came to understand the one thing that would undoubtedly make the world a better place: magnificent undergarments, fit for the discerning male. Thus, Nutbra Underwear was born.

After years of research, dedication, and interviewing the best in the business of men’s undergarments, Nutbra Underwear is here, and it’s the brand you want to get your hands on. These are the skivvies your significant other will love as much as you do, for their witty one-of-a-kind Nutbra Underwear sayings and prints. Nutbra is a name that does not easily get lost in the crowded men’s apparel market, and this is where Beauchamp has finally found what is arguably his one true calling: making garments that celebrate men and wit. Nutbra Underwear is definitely in a league of its own.