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More About MyPakage
MyPakage is a brand recognized as a high-end manufacturer of men’s undergarments. MyPakage Underwear promises to place their customer’s most precious assets in good hands. WIth this mission to please, MyPakage definitely delivers, serving up innovation in a market that is easily distracted. MyPakage has a patented KeyHole Comfort Technology that results in men having the best possible experience in their undergarments. This internal pouch is 3-dimensional, which creates unrivaled comfort and support for men. This technology prevents excessive shifting and the need to adjust every few paces.

Not only does MyPakage offer patented technology in their craft, they also use the best fabrics available in the market, specifically Modal and Spandex. The moisture wicking involved in their cotton designs keep wearers wrinkle free and dryer than usual; and, shrinkage is minimized. These are the kinds of little features that make all the difference, and the reason why MyPakage continues to excel. Not only have MyPakage made their briefs, boxers, and boxer briefs fun, but they have devised a way to create products that answer all the questions men have about their undergarments.