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More About Mundo Unico
Mundo Unico is a men’s apparel brand based in Medellín, Colombia. Founded 15 years ago by Nicolas Echeverri, Mundo Unico strives to deliver the highest quality of underwear and unique designs and colors to its products.

The Mundo Unico Underwear range crosses Colombian borders. Apart from serving the national market, Mundo Unico Underwear is now present in the international market through two business centers in Miami and Mexico City as well as the commercialization of products in 25 countries, including Germany, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, England, Holland, Panama, Peru and Russia, among others.

Mundo Unico Mens Underwear develops products that meet the needs of “intimate masculine apparel” that could be worn for different occasions. Mundo Unico Mens Underwear specializes in meeting the demands of comfort and style for occasions that fall into various categories such as casual, contemporary, classic and active.

Popular styles that Mundo Unico Mens Underwear offers are:

Mid Boxer Briefs
Short Boxer Briefs

Mundo Unico Mens Underwear guarantees that all of its garments come with a multifunctional cup developed exclusively to generate more comfort for the male genitalia and offering a thermal exchange to avoid overheating of this highly sensitive area. This garment feature and Mundo Unico’s prevalence of microfiber fabrics, specialized materials and quality trims, has made its products in high demand among its customers, according to the brand.

Mundo Unico Swimwear also provides a range with comfortable fabrics, bold colors and playful prints.