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More About Moschino Underwear
Moschino Underwear is just a mere piece in the puzzle that is Moschino, which is renowned as an Italian fashion house that features style from head to toe and beyond: men’s and women’s apparel, shoes, hats, luggage, perfume, and undergarments. Since 1983, Moschino Men has been setting trends in the industry by maintaining a commitment to design that has revolutionized the market. For the quintessential man that favors the art behind the product, Moschino Underwear is definitely one of the best in the industry at bringing the best to production that can be found.

Moschino Men are men that can best be described as avant-garde, fashion forward, and body conscious. Moschino Underwear caters to this ideal by using only the best garments on the market for their briefs, boxers, trunks, and more. The Moschino Men Houndstooth pattern is arguably one of their more popular pieces, setting the industry standard for its masculine look and its upper class leanings. What is your favorite piece from Moschino Underwear?