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More About Miroslav
Founded with a desire to make form-fitting and good-looking underwear, Miroslav started very small. Founder “Miro” actually went out and bought his own underwear sewing machines. In 2011, Miroslav released a new and daring range of underwear, setting high standards for the brand’s underwear quality and design. Headquartered in Australia, Miroslav works to give men underwear with noticeable quality and fit.

Miroslav offers designer mens underwear in the style of briefs, boxer briefs, boxer shorts and singlets. Though the colors in the brand’s design change with every season, the styles stay the same while consistently improving. Instead of focusing on a changing style or cut with every season, Miroslav instead focuses on improving what it already has through fabric choice and other areas as well.

Miroslav underwear uses Japanese cotton. Japan, as it has such limited land available for farm use, produces fabric with a quality over quantity mindset, which Miroslav loves. The brand emphasizes the luxury of its Japanese materials, going as far to say that the fabric created there comes from “the best yarns in the world.”

Miroslav tries to separate itself from competitors by its original designs. Miro said, “[Our Designs] are influenced by both modern and classic themes.  We take a lot of inspiration from modern environments like the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney – it’s really fantastic.  The classic elements come through in the goodness of materials used and the colors: the emphasis on luxury Japanese materials is a major theme and we spend a lot of time sourcing the best cottons from the country.”

With a modern and classical inspiration, and a sense of quality driven by the best Japanese fabrics, Miroslav offers underwear that any many could love, and should.