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More About MensFit
Established in July 2003 by Bruno Schiavi, MensFit offers a range of designer men’s underwear focusing on sophisticated high fashion and trend philosophy. Based in Australia, MensFit is designed with fabric quality in mind while consistently improving on structure and keeping up with trends.

While MensFit is most known for its briefs and boxers, the brand’s designs range from trunks to hipsters to thongs. MensFit Underwear provides the ideal choice for every man, with at least one choice of plain and classic design, but also proving plentiful design and style options.

Designing and creating new styles every year, MensFit stays trendy in every sense of the word. The brand’s briefs, for example, come in so many amazing options, including a classic look, polka dots, stripes, a horizon design, layered stripes, cubes, spots, checkers and faux camouflage… and that’s just the MensFit briefs. The MensFit philosophy is that every guy should look just as good on the inside as they do on the outside.

While Mens Fit certainly proves its intention to make men look good in their underwear, MensFit Underwear also makes men feel good in their underwear. The brand keeps high quality fabric as a priority, using cotton and elastane to provide comfortable, breathable, affordable and long lasting underwear. MensFit Underwear, especially briefs, are made with breathable fabric and an increased range in motion perfect for the athlete, as well as any classy, creative man.