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More About McKillop Underwear
McKillop Underwear, hailing from Canada and based in Mexico, is a brand that has gained a reputation as top-tier undergarments for those special occasions out. Designed by Ryan McKillop, McKillop Underwear has created a whirlwind of interest with their commitment to quality, even with a staff that can be counted on both hands. The size of their staff is in no way an indication of the heart and dedication they put into McKillop Underwear, crafting quality products that are just as precise and intricate as any big chain is capable of producing.

Now that McKillop Underwear has moved to Mexico, the region can be reflected in the clothes themselves: something that bodes well for the future of the brand and for their core audience of men worldwide that want competent, quality goods that are both comfortable and enticing to the eye. Whatever type of undergarments you want as a man, you can be sure that McKillop Underwear delivers. Their boxers, briefs, and additional accessories are a clear indicator that McKillop Underwear is here to stay, and on the cusp of being a household brand. Try McKillop Underwear today.