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More About Male Power
Established in 1974, Male Power is a leading brand of men’s exotic underwear. Underwear pioneer Sam Baker founded the company with a vision to target the gay male demographic—a move that was considered revolutionary at the time. Since then, Male Power has not only targeted this market but has gone mainstream as well.

Today, Male Power offers a wide range of sexy underwear styles for today’s man who wants racy, yet comfortable undies, for everyday use or special occasions. Male Power Underwear offers an eye-catching style and keeps its range fresh by introducing new items seasonally. Male Power Underwear offers more than 30 collections, including fetish wear, gag underwear, costume underwear and basic cotton underwear.

Male Power Underwear prides itself on providing quality fit and comfort. Some of the brand’s collections feature specialty fabrics such as butter-soft nylon Lycra, stretch net and stretch mesh. Male Power uses four-way stretch fabrics that hug your curves and accent your assets. Offering men a boost of confidence, Male Power Underwear offers pouch enhancement features too.

From sexy bikinis to revealing boxer briefs, Male Power Underwear provides a wide variety of styles. Some of the brand’s most popular styles are:

Male Power Thongs
Male Power Briefs
Male Power Super Sock

To spice up your evening, the Male Power thongs include innovative designs such as a Y-shaped top attachment at the strap. The Bong Thong is made of sleek, silky microfiber fabric with minimal construction so it feels soft against your skin. The brand offers other thongs such as the Branded Elastic Micro Thong.

The Male Power Super Sock is designed without a rear thong strap so the piece is held in place entirely with the contour pouch, creating an enhanced profile. Male Power also offers the posing strap, a style similar to the Super Sock with only minimal coverage.