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More About M8Mate
Based in the Ukraine, M8Mate presents a handmade underwear, swimwear and loungewear line for men. Founded in 2008 by designer Bogdan Zinchenko, M8Mate believes that a minimum of seams and correct pattern is the key to a great underwear.

Headquartered in the city of Sevastopol, M8Mate targets men who take pride in fashion and good living. The brand attempts to encourage its wearers to have a good time while wearing its underwear. M8Mate has a unique meaning. The word “mate” signifies friendship among men while “M8” stands for a prejudice-free companion.

“We call our clients ‘mates’,” said Zinchenko. “Mate like friend. So, our mates, very close eye on eco-friendly materials and production quality. Since we sew by hand and not in bulk, the quality of our products is very high and it is important to our mates. M8Mate is also about offering something convenient. Our underwear is very comfortable to wear. Anyone who wears them once will want to wear them again.”

M8Mate releases a line of briefs, boxer briefs and tank tops. The collection offers classic colors such as black, white, blue and red as well as contemporary prints such as retro-inspired stripes. The brand uses natural fibers for its underwear, especially cotton. The quality of fabric, ergonomic design and eco-friendliness “is very important to us,” said Zinchenko, “especially since people put underwear on every day, well, almost every day.” And that’s a principle that M8Mate strives for.