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More About Lupo Underwear
Lupo Underwear is a Brazilian company that celebrates the Italian influence of its founder, Henrique Lupo, and specializes in a line of apparel from sportswear to undergarments for men. The elegant designs and innovative marketing approach of Lupo Underwear, combined with their production values, give Lupo Underwear precedence over other brands in the crowded marketplace. Lupo Underwear makes products that men can relate to — and with good reason. Lupo Underwear has a unique attentiveness to clientele which results in a line that offers all of the latest trends and designs to be found on the market. Lupo Underwear designs apparel that men find a thrill to wear, and their loyalty has led to their status as one of the most beloved in the industry.

No stranger to competition, Lupo Underwear has remained dedicated to producing a line that sets the standard and one in which the industry follows. By becoming an industry leader over generations, Lupo Underwear has continued to remain a force in fashion that the whole world is celebrating. Men that know what they want, want Lupo underwear. What Lupo Underwear are you wearing?