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More About Ken Wroy
Ken Wroy underwear targets fashion conscious and trend seeking men and focuses on the motto “Be fashionable all the way” by offering unique prints and colors. The brand, which seeks to “break the monotony of boring and predictable underwear,” is headquartered in New York City’s Manhattan but intends to design and create underwear that will reach the world.

Launched by Vasumathi Soundararajan in 2011, the Ken Wroy underwear brand believes underwear should never be a let down. Reportedly, the brand was founded as a response to several anecdotes of too many men and women whose partners dressed perfectly on the outside but whose “underwear choices were so drab and predictable.” Ken Wroy Underwear, since its founding, has set its sights on helping men be fashionable underneath, and truly complete a man’s wardrobe.

Ken Wroy Underwear designs, being based in Manhattan, draw upon the spirit and boundless energy of a fashion forward New York City. Though its underwear comes in modern styles like boxer-trunks, briefs and other low-rise cuts, Ken Wroy designs are anything but average. The brand’s designs embrace color and fashion funky designs like the “God Made Me Funky” giraffe print.

Most Ken Wroy underwear collections use cotton elastane blends. The fabric, which the brand puts through a special before use, is made to be “smooth like whiskey.” Ken Wroy adds a pleasing fit to style in its strong commitment to supreme comfort. The brand believes that underwear shouldn’t simply exist as a boring necessity, but a sexy piece of clothing every man should love and take pride in.