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More About Jor
Founded in 2000 by Javier Ortega, former creative director of Gigo underwear, Jor Underwear fights for no specific demographic, but instead makes underwear for people around the world. The brand, based in Medellin, Colombia, is made for those who enjoy the vibrancy of the Latin spirit, and now they can enjoy it in the form of a long lasting and durable pair of skivvies.

Jor Underwear comes in the styles of briefs, boxer briefs, boxer shorts, jock straps, as well as other undergarments like tank tops, board shorts and t-shirts. Created with fabric such as microfibers, nylon/lycra and supplex combinations, Jor underwear strives to provide its wearers with complete comfortability.

Ortega’s goal is to create a garment that allows men to feel 100% sexy and safe at the same time and to be able to freely express his sexuality and show of all of his hard work on his body. “As today’s man is very active from dawn till dusk, you will feel just as confident wearing Jor to the office, the gym, or out on the town,” Ortega said.

Jor underwear is made with 100% Latin spirit, and all of the brand’s collections focus on comfort in fit, high quality construction, top of line fabrics as well as an incredible style. The brand’s designs can feature striking patterns and designs essential to Latin heritage while also offering simpler styling of underwear with solid, bold colors.

Whether you go for a eye-catching design or pattern in your underwear or a bright red mesh look, Jor Underwear can provide you with the right product.