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More About John Bartlett Underwear
A designer fresh on men’s lips since debuting his iconic underwear many moons and seasons ago. This brand’s contribution to men’s undergarments is one of the reasons why John Bartlett Underwear has always been a leader in creating products that fit the ego and bodies of the selective man in ways previously unseen.

John Bartlett Underwear has excelled by utilizing the visual talents of models like Kerry Degman to feature his garments in photographs that showcase the passion behind the brand. John Bartlett Underwear has made a line that has become a necessary label to house in the drawer of every man seeking quality undergarments. From swim trunks to bikinis, underwear and loungewear, this brand has proven itself as a perennial leader in making a significant impact in men’s apparel.

American men are not the only ones that have gravitated towards John Bartlett Underwear. With a logo that is singular and unforgettable, every man has a label to call home for well into the foreseeable future.