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More About Jam Underwear
Established in 2007, Jam Underwear offers unique style, design and comfort full of energy and “magnetic attraction.” This premium underwear brand was designed to provide its wearers with the “most luxurious and modern underwear garments ever made” through the best cuts, designs, and fabric. Jam Underwear’s bright, vibrant color selections are inspired by music, color and “handsome elegance,” making the brand a fun and careless as its wearer.

Jam Underwear doesn’t just pride itself on a vibrant and beautiful looks, however. The brand’s form-fitting and well-designed structure put comfort first. The Jam Underwear collections feature padded boxers and trunks for lifting and sculpting in all the right places, seamless compression boxers for wear under slim-fitting pants, package enhancing briefs and trunks and even more products in the T-shirt and tank categories.

The Jam collections come in JamGold, JamSilver and JamMood, each featuring a different structure, fabric and fit.  The brand uses amazingly comfortable and durable fabrics in all of its products, including micro modal, cotton, 4-way stretch lycra and elastic combinations. Most of Jam Underwear’s products also feature a antimicrobial finish that boosts hygene in your underwear.

All of Jam Underwear’s collections have something special about them, and sometimes even two, three, or four special things about them. Jam Underwear is cutting edge and sophisticated, but still unbelievably cute and fun as well.