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More About Hurmoso Underwear
Hurmoso Underwear is a label that exudes confidence and assurance — a fact made apparent in their apparel. Although their garments can best be described as provocative and daring, Hurmoso also gives men that added confidence boost they crave, something no brand has really addressed in such a manner until now. A New York-based brand, Hurmoso Underwear is the brainchild of Pissaro T. Hall, whose dedication to men’s apparel has extended over ten years. Over that time, he has continued to expand his brand and audience one collection at a time.

Hurmoso Underwear produces garments that span the traditional as well as the avant garde. Their Stretch Cotton Brief maintains classic style until it adds the comfortable pouch in the front that gives even additional support. With a high waistband, this pair are sure to keep the wearer both cool and dry. Hurmoso Underwear briefs are made out of cotton and elastic, increasing durability and comfort. With just the right amount of elastic, these briefs are guaranteed to keep men snug and comfy the entire day. Hurmoso prides itself on delivering quality undies in several designs to satisfy their customers.