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More About Hipstripes
Founded in January 2012 by Eyal Ungar, Hipstripes targets the “dating demographic,” mainly fun-loving men between 20 and 40.  With its caution-tape looking waistband providing a few different messages, Hipstripes makes for a great conversation starter, though the brand’s products and designs prove to be comfortable and form fitting as well.

Hipstripes is all about “sharing the fun,” and the funny men’s underwear makes for a great gift for any occasion. Inspired by the yellow and black striped tape of safety, traffic and construction warnings so common in New York City, Hipstripes has brought the message right to the waistband. The brand’s trademark graphic incorporates a playful twist, making messages such as “explosives” or “caution protruding objects” take on an entirely new, sexy and seductive meaning.

Though the design and style of Hipstripes may seem somewhat limited, as the men’s underwear is only available in a boxer brief, the brand does provide many options as to customizing its waistband message, and puts much care into the making of its boxer brief.

In making its boxer brief, Hipstripes uses a fine, custom-milled and luxuriously soft 95% cotton and 5% spandex fabric. The brand’s use of natural cotton makes way for amazing comfort, durability and freshness in a pair of underwear you’ll want to be able to wear for years, and actually be able to.

With their unique and funny waistband design, Hipstripes can literally say without a doubt that it is creating a product that no other brand offers, and picking up a pair may very well make you the life of the party.