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More About Hamilton & Hare
In only two shorts years, renowned boutique label Hamilton & Hare has quickly earned the kind of reputation that speaks for itself when it comes to men’s underwear. As a London-based brand devoted to quality above all else, their approach to exceptionally made menswear is nothing short of brilliant. Hamilton & Hare has delivered on the promise made to the general public to expand upon the way conventional undergarments are viewed.

No one can question the Hamilton & Hare work ethic and dedication to crafting boxers (or boxing shorts as the Brits say) in a way that appease many a man’s sartorial palate — without alienating the comfort most men expect when it comes to their undergarments. Founder Olivia Francis is a woman that dares to enter a field where many women are being pushed out and branding herself as a champion of men’s underwear. Gender is irrelevant.

Wearing Hamilton & Hare immediately gives a man the sense that care was taken into the fine stitching, quality fabric, and gentle structure in the product being worn. Their style has transcended across both sides of the ocean and is sure to be a classic.