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More About Gregg Homme
Founded in 1987, Gregg Homme is a Canadian underwear brand that specializes in audacious and daring styles for men’s underwear, swimwear and club wear. Through years of innovations and bold creations, Gregg Homme Underwear prides itself on offering superior quality, exceptional design and astonishing fit.

Positioned between lust and fantasy, Gregg Homme Underwear puts to use the latest technologies and pioneering material to create fashionable styles specifically designed with comfort in mind. Gregg Homme Underwear provides an anatomically shaped design for the male body. All fits are engineered for the utmost pleasure of not only the wearer but also the people around.

Eric Boisvert serves as not only the creative director but also the sole owner and designer of Gregg Homme. With the desire to fascinate people by creating something unseen, new, comfortable and yet aesthetically wonderful, Gregg Homme Underwear celebrates the man who is comfortable with himself, his style and his life. Some of the brand’s bestsellers include the Gregg Homme torrid brief, Gregg Homme commando thong and the Greg Homme Boytoy collection.

For Gregg Homme, design represents a dialogue of ideas. The brand’s line of men’s underwear appeals, speaks or creates controversy and Gregg Homme constantly innovates with new designs and functions to feed the taste of men who crave provocation and seduction. Gregg Homme Underwear periodically releases new styles, colors and collections throughout the year.