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More About Gigo Underwear
Gigo Underwear is a Colombian-based brand that believes in the art of male expression through undergarments. Through colorful lines, colors, and iconic graphics, Gigo Underwear is a bold, modern approach to the men’s apparel market. Their fashion also extends towards Gigo Swimwear, available on their site, Gigo Underwear helps their wearers reflect themselves, one piece at a time. It is traits like these that have enabled Gigo to go further than most brands and change the perception of men’s apparel.

For a decade, Gigo Underwear has been a top producer of men’s undergarments that are sporty, fun, and electric and hover above the basic. Not only have Gigo Underwear changed the rules of men’s fashion apparel, but they have also distinguished themselves from other brands with their distinctive approach to production. The materials Gigo Underwear use (cotton, Nylon, Spandex) are of the highest quality and are a perfect fit for Gigo Underwear boxer shorts, briefs, jockstraps, and more. Gigo Underwear collections are trendsetters and one of the reasons why their products continue to set the pace for designer apparel for men.