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More About Garcon Model
Established in 2012 in Vancouver, Canada, Garcon Model set a mission to create premium styles to bring sharpness and style to men’s underwear. The brand strives to freshen up the old classics and bring luxury, masculinity and versatility at the same time. Garcon Model is a strong believer in the saying that a man should dress for success, or as they like to call it, “Undress for Success.”

Garcon Model is created and designed to satisfy every man’s need in areas including style and wearability. The brand believes its classic designs will make men feel “sharp” underneath their clothing as well as provide them with a sense of style not usually carried down to the underwear. With emphasis on a sense of classic masculinity with a hint of luxury, Garcon Model offers classic cuts such as boxers and briefs, as well trendy cuts like trunks.

“Our theme originated from an image of refinement that we felt was missing in today’s underwear,” said Mehdi Mebarki, the brand’s founder and creative designer. “We visualized men wearing the finest suits and we wanted the luxury to trickle down to the underwear; something classic yet sharp and something that all men would feel confident in.”

While the Garcon Model look is a classy one, the brand places just as much emphasis on their use of fabrics. The brand uses nylon and elastane for an ultra-soft, form fitting and easy to care for blend. All of Garcon Model’s designer underwear is carefully reviewed and though after. The fabric is also moisture wicking, making it a great choice for a man with an active lifestyle.