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More About Funky Trunks
Founded as a leading provider of stylish swimwear, Funky Trunks has ventured into the exciting world of underwear for men. The first pair of Funky Trunks swimwear was designed in 2002 by the Way Funky Company. Since then, the brand has grown to be one of the top swimwear lines, even being worn by Olympic athletes.

Based in Australia, Funky Trunks underwear offers briefs and classic trunks. The brand’s classic trunks are modeled after the classic Funky Trunk style with a self-lined pouch, elastic waistband and fabric that hugs and supports the body. Funky Trunks briefs offer a wider cut than standard briefs as well as rear compression for added comfort, hold and support.

The brand offers durable products that are also comfortable enough to be worn daily. Giving customers an option for added style and individuality, Funky Trunks offers several bold patterns and designs as well as sleek blacks and solid whites.

Funky Trunks continues its efforts to enter the world’s global market as a leading seller through their belief of individuality and choice. Funky Trunks markets themselves in a way that allows consumers to decide if the brand is right for them. The brand explains their philosophy, “This means we won’t tell you what type of person you need to be to wear our product or how you’re going to look wearing it.”

One Funky World Foundation is an Australian charity established by the Way Funky Company.