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More About FU Underwear
Founded out of a desire to make and design high quality and well-made briefs, Fu Underwear aims to “give you confidence and that extra bounce in your step.” The brand itself was founded by designer Fu Wu, who desires to design and create an underwear line that he would be proud to have his own name on. Fu Underwear refuses to cut corners or sacrifice its quality. In the design and production of underwear, the brand uses the finest materials they believe to be available. All of the brand’s products have a 95% cotton and 5% spandex make up, which gives them a more firm and silky feeling.

“Your outerwear says how you want the world to perceive and think of you,” said Fu, “but your underwear is how you feel and think about yourself… who you really are in private; self love, self respect, when you can be the authentically real you.” Fu Underwear comes in many different designs with the hopes to make the your underwear fit the real you. Available in briefs, boxer briefs, classic briefs and a custom Pleasure X8 Cut, Fu Underwear also offers many different sizes and color options such as red, green and blue.

Fu Underwear is intended for the image and style of the on-the-go 21st century man, and founder Fu wishes to continue being the bold, daring, new men’s underwear line that could. Based in New York City, the brand believes what you wear underneath should be considered to be just as important as any outerwear, especially because you never know when you’ll have to undress.