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More About Freedom Reigns
Catering to the self-assured and free-spirited man, Freedom Reigns Underwear is like no other. Inspired by graphic printed T-shirts in 2010, the brand focuses around an American and athletic styling. The name Freedom Reigns comes from the founders’ inspiring journey to America. After leaving a country where they were not allowed to live or love freely, founders and married partners Samuel Castro and Curtis Stallard found a certain beauty in freedom. This beauty is one they continue to manifest and incorporate physically into their underwear design.

When it comes to the competition, Freedom Reigns believes that their men’s underwear is beyond comparison. Since 2010, the brand he has upheld its belief in the requirement of “time and talent” for designing and producing underwear. This requirement is one they believe any other brand would leave unfulfilled in a foreign country, making their men’s underwear of superior quality.

Though Freedom Reigns Underwear focuses around the classic idea of American manufacturing and quality, their ideas and designs are very modern and innovative. In their design, Freedom Reigns has become a leading brand with enhancement technology. Their top selling trunk, for example, features inner straps that are unnoticeable when wearing, but actually give the wearers buttocks considerable lift, much like underwear dose for women’s breasts. Style-wise, Freedom Reigns Underwear continues to distance itself from competitors.  The men’s underwear brand utilizes trademark design features such as asymmetrical stripes, bold colors and trendy patterns. For being such a “super fun” brand, Freedom Reigns Underwear surely knows how to make and design amazing, competitive products.