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More About Flint and Tinder
Founded in 2011, Flint and Tinder is the brainchild of Jake Bronstein, an entrepreneur whose past credits include being a founding editor at FHM Magazine and creating the modern desk toy Buckyballs. His unconventional strategy for starting this new project was to seek funding on Kickstarter, the “world’s largest funding platform for creative projects.” Recently having received more than four times as much funding as needed, Flint and Tinder became Kickstarter’s most successful fashion project ever.

Flint and Tinder focuses on a rugged and refined style. The brand creates American-made premium, comfortable basics for everyday wear and is always looking to try out new American-made fabrics. Located in New York City, Flint and Tinder “celebrates craftsmanship and obsesses over details, and hopes to inspire others to do the same,” according to the brand.

The Flint and Tinder collections come in basic styles like briefs, boxer briefs, trunk briefs, knit boxers and woven boxers. Designed with a sense of comfort in mind and “guaranteed to fit you exactly the way you want them to,” Flint and Tinder aims to create products that last with a style that is both trendy and timeless. When it seems like Flint and Tinder Underwear and clothing designs couldn’t get better, they make it perfectly clear that they’re never done designing.

Flint and Tinder doesn’t just believe in the idea of being “American-made,” they emulate it to the core of each of their products. Most of the brand’s underwear collection, for example, is made of premium American-grown long-staple and supima cotton.