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More About ES Collection
ES Collection is known around the world, producing a line of underwear and swimwear that is synonymous with cutting edge colors, tailored fits, extreme quality, and body contouring styles that speak to the man that wants to be seen and discussed when he’s making a splash. ES Collection Brazil does that and more.

The brand, Spanish-based and European recognized, has a high standard when it comes to the manufacturing of superb underwear and swimwear for the discerning man. As an international company they leave little area in the realm of underwear uncovered. In fact, they have been known to break the mold and set trends. ES Collection has been called a game changer in European standards, and the world has listened. Nowadays, thanks to the advent of technology, men anywhere in the world can get their hand on their gear. ES Collection Brazil is just a natural extension of what they do best: producing noteworthy swimwear and underwear that is expanding the marketplace for “event undergarments” in men’s fashion.

For the man that considers himself a trendsetter, this is the route to go. Definitely not for the faint of heart, their briefs, thongs and other pieces add a touch of depth to any man’s collection that few men can pull off without the confidence they require.