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More About Equmen
Founded in 2009, Equmen core precision undergarments and Equmen underwear have been enabling “men of the world to be at their best.” Equmen is a technologically advanced brand that innovates their garments through use of compressive fabrics, which increases blood flow in the body during athletic activities. With its compression shirts and underwear, Equmen improves performance, reduces the risk of injury and accelerates muscle recovery.

The name of the brand means “Equality for Men,” as their undergarments aim to improve how all men look and feel, specifically through a well-styled and well-made undergarment. Since the Equmen undergarments have made their way from London to New York to Sydney, men of all backgrounds, sports and lifestyles have found great comfort and reliability in them. Thanks to it’s cutting edge design and technology, Equmen was named one of British GQ’s picks of the year, and has also been featured in news and media outlets in America and around the world, including Time Magazine, Men’s Health and The Today Show.

Equmen Precision Underwear is another collection by the brand that continues to innovate. Equmen’s range of men’s underwear includes briefs, trunks and boxer briefs featuring a precision-fit pouch for extra ventilation and comfort, a body defining fit, and moisture controlling mesh to provide all-day comfort. The brand’s underwear is made up of thoroughly tested materials with blends of nylon, micro-polyester and spandex.

Through their choices to focus on compression and comfort, Equmen has become widely supported and inspired by elite athletes everywhere. The brand fuses science with style to meet the needs of not just the athletes, but men everywhere.