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More About D.Hedral
Founded in Bologna, Italy in 2011, D.Hedral provides new advances to the technological design of underwear. The brand’s truly innovative underwear cuts and designs push them far off from mainstream designers. At the same time, D.Hedral underwear provides an amazing, classic and stylish aesthetic.

D.Hedral has a patented underwear design that brags to “fit the wearer’s bum perfectly (whether slim, average or large build),” and it produces incredible results. The patented design is called “Angle Fit” technology, and it is implemented into every pair of D.Hedral underwear. The design technology revolves around different shapes and elasticity, modifying the fit of the underwear based on the wearer’s preference and body shape.

“Think of D.Hedral underwear as the equivalent to buying a made-to-measure shirt,” according to the brand. D.Hedral actually put science and algorithms to the test in its underwear, linking the cuts, sizes and angles to match the body’s shape and volume. It is truly revolutionizing the underwear industry, yet D.Hedral is the only brand with the patent, and therefore, the rights to do it.

Available in briefs and trunks, D.Hedral makes its underwear from the finest Italian fabrics, all of which are tested to ensure comfort and quality. While the trademark structure stays the same (as it totally should), D.Hedral underwear’s design color options change with collections, as new products are released every two to three months. With its patented Angle Fit lift technology, anyone can see how amazing D.Hedral underwear fits and feels, pants on or off!