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More About Curbwear Underwear
If you’re looking for “event” underwear, then Curbwear is undoubtedly the right brand for you. Taking the guesswork out of the game of lust, Curbwear Underwear has added a new dimension to men’s garments by providing the answer and placing it front and center of many of the pieces in their collection. For anyone out there that gets off on the subliminal, Curbwear takes the proverbial “getting to know you stage” and hits it out of the park.

Curbwear offers the type of underwear that leaves little to the imagination, from the statements emblazoned on the waistband of the underwear, to the designs on which they are featured. Gay, straight, versatile, bisexual, and even metrosexuals can get in on the action via Curbwear Underwear. Their advertising campaign is probably one of the most original around, guaranteeing that men worldwide are discussing their visual images that captivate and intrigue even the most conservative man. From jockstraps to briefs to thongs and more, there is something in this collection that will be sure to blow you – and your partner – away.