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More About Croota
Since the brand was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2006, Croota has emphasized an Aussie influenced design toward men’s underwear. Croota provides a wide range of colorfully stylish designs and low-rise cuts that make a sexy, bold statement. Offering briefs, boxer briefs, thongs and jockstraps, Croota is well known for its hipster cut—a combination of a brief and trunk.

Because of Croota’s wide product assortment, the brand attempts to offer a style and cut designed to meet everyone’s needs and lifestyle. Croota was originally conceived to offer fashion savvy solutions for men who have grown accustomed to wearing ugly, saggy underwear. Sang Croota, the brand’s creative designer and business director, leads the company’s creative vision.

Based in Huntington Beach, California, where the company opened a warehouse in 2012 to dispatch orders more quickly in the United States, Sang Croota draws much of his design inspirations from the scenery of the beach. Croota Underwear often features Aussie-inspired floral prints or bright colors. Offering consumers additional variety, Croota adds new styles and cuts every three to four months.

For a sexy definition, Croota Underwear gives a low-rise cut showcasing your natural curves. To achieve a body defining fit, Croota uses a cotton blend paired with fabrics such as elastane or polyurethane to provide ideal support and stretch. The brand encourages its consumers to select its products that are half-size bigger if they want to feel snug.

In addition to men’s underwear, Croota provides loungewear, tank tops, head gear and swimwear. The Croota swimwear range is made from a stretch microfiber fabric that offers quick-drying properties and a body-hugging fit.