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More About Collected Threads
Collected Threads specializes in a very specific niche of the undershirt market: the invisible t-shirt. Spurred by the unfortunate necessity of an undershirt to prevent sweat stains, founder Jesse Szynal aimed to achieve the practicality of a simple white undershirt without sacrificing fashion. A white undershirt peeking out from underneath a dress shirt–or, as Collected Threads has lately dubbed it, an “Undershirt Violation”–is a faux pas that no self-respecting man could abide. As Collected Threads has it, “If it was meant to be seen, it wouldn’t be an undershirt.”

Enter the jT, Collected Threads’ signature tee. With its ultra low neckline and cropped sleeves, this undershirt ensures that the plain white tee remains, as the moniker implies, under your shirt. Say you want to unbutton your top button at work, Collected Threads’ jT allows you to do so without disrupting your sleek look with a sliver of Dad’s classic white t-shirt.

Since their launch over eight years ago, Collected Threads and its founder Jesse Szynal have taken on the role of undershirt police, issuing “Undershirt Violations” at tradeshows around the country. If you don’t want to get written up yourself, head over to the Collected Threads’ website to buy one, or several. Collected Threads offer the jT in White, Black, and Gray.