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Style Guide: Summer Lovin’

Summertime can bring out the brighter side of your style, and not just with colors. This Style Guide: Summer Lovin’ is our love letter to summer, and what it does to our underwear.

Clever’s Ready for Takeoff

Clever's Ready

Prepare for your flight because Clever’s ready for takeoff. In the new Clever model photos, we get a look at what the pilot of your dreams wears underneath.

Boxers or Briefs: Caucusing with Clever

This year’s primary season is warming up, and in the spirit of helping you make an informed decision when you go to the polls, DanielXMiller is taking the time to discuss not only for whom you’ll be casting a ballot, but also what you’ll be wearing when you do it. In Boxers or Briefs: Caucusing […]

Clever, Welcome To The Underwear Club

You may have some smart underwear choices in your collection, but do you have Clever ones? Clever (or Clever Moda) is a brand based in Colombia that covers all the bases. They also cover as much or as little skin as you want. Clever is well-known for their fiery brief and boxer brief styles, several of […]

The Best of the Best: The Clever Elite Collection

Cruisin' in Cocksox

The Clever Elite Collection features the best of the best when it comes to underwear. Each is designed and crafted with care and great attention to detail.

All Day, Every Day: The Clever Everyday Collection

Clever Everyday Collection

The Clever Everyday Collection provides all of the basic essentials needed for an updated spring underwear drawer, with many colors and cuts to choose from.

Feelin’ the Blues: Denim Inspired Underwear

Denim Inspired Underwear

Denim Inspired Underwear is the latest trend we’ve seen in the underwear world. Aware Soho and Clever have created great collections inspired by denim.

Clever Sport Collection: Solid and Bold Colors

Clever Sport Collection

The new Clever Sport Collection features a wide array of underwear options, including a ton of great solid and bold color choices. Whether you’re looking for a pair of underwear that will help you accomplish a great workout at the gym, or a great pair that will last with you for your longest day’s wear, […]