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More About Chereskin
Chereskin Underwear comes from the self-named brand started by Ron Chereskin, a legendary name in the menswear industry, in the 70’s. Chereskin, who started his career as as magazine illustrator, transferred his illustrator’s sensibility to fabrics that were newly available thanks to modern production techniques for his first menswear collection.

By the mid-80’s Chereskin Underwear was licensed to a new company, which started and designing and producing underwear to compete against other big brands of the time including Calvin Klein Underwear and Tommy Hilfiger. The classic American underwear brand considers themselves “re-invented,” and has altered their styles to make sexy, contemporary and just plain cool-looking underwear.

Chereskin attempts to re-invent contemporary design featuring stylishly designed waistbands and logos, along with plenty of contrasting, yet all classic-looking and masculine designs.With an eye toward a young demographic, Chereskin incorporates playful colors, unique optical prints and contrasting stripes into his collections. Chereskin devises new themes for his men’s underwear collections, which are released on a seasonal basis.

Chereskin Underwear offer great fit with roomy no-fly pouches, as well as gently hugging waistbands. The cotton and spandex used in Chereskin Underwear not only feels great, but also results in form-complementing and incredibly supportive fits.

Chereskin Underwear continues to offer cutting-edge, sleek and flashy underwear but also by being able to design new products that hearken back to their classic, vintage-looking roots. Some of the designs are very rustic and extraordinarily eye-catching. In all of its designs, Chereskin follows a simple principle: underwear should allow men to express themselves.