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More About Charles van der Pear
Charles van der Pear is a label producing men’s apparel that’s lived up to their promise to deliver high quality undergarments that provide the cool comfort and fit that every man expects. Through their line of tailored boxers, the company has forged a path of excellence that has kept them solidly ranked among the top echelon of designers for men’s apparel. Charles van der Pear crafts a line of undergarments that complements a man’s entire outfit, from head to toe. When wearing just the right tailored boxer, any man can achieve the style and attention they crave.

Handmade in the Fashion District of New York City, Charles van der Pear are so stylish and enjoyable to wear that it is no wonder they have remained a favorite for the discerning man with exquisite taste in apparel. When Charles van der Pear introduced their product, fans responded by making them some of the most popular of the season. Luxurious underwear that fit like quality underwear should, this brand definitely celebrates the European approach to production.