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More About Charles Owo
Charles Owo is a brand that understands that there are traits to style that must be respected and honored, with certain assurances that need to remain in place without sacrificing the intangibles that provide those quintessential unique elements. This mantra extends in everything they create, specifically Charles Owo Underwear. Known for putting a fresh spin on an old classic, this New York based, Italian produced label has a line of men’s underwear that is effortlessly timeless.

For the man with discriminating taste in everything he wears, this is a brand that has long been associated with top quality and impeccable craftsmanship. As a lifestyle brand, their admirers tend to demand the very best there is to offer, and when it comes to their selection of underwear, Charles Owo does not disappoint. Their briefs are renowned for their patterns, particularly the ever-popular Houndstooth print, which is manufactured using cotton and elastic to ensure a snug, sleek fit. Staying true to form, the look is the epitome of what this brand is known for and just one in a long list of reasons why they continue to be a defining force in the realm of men’s fashion.