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Calvin Klein’s FX

A set of new arrivals from Calvin Klein augments this brand’s line of performance underwear, and it does so in style. Calvin Klein’s FX, the Power FX, Intense Power FX, and Energy Power FX are engineered to enhance your movement and also recover quickly, making them an exercise, active lifestyle, or just plain comfort staple. All […]

Ask The Expert: The Skinny Jean Dilemma

Skinny Jean Dilemma

We often fail to think about what we will wear underneath when trying out new styles of clothing. So, with the skinny jean dilemma, where do you begin?

Your Favorite Black Brief Is Waiting

If there is one essential piece to your underwear collection, it’s a black brief. Whether you’re “a brief guy” or not, black briefs are a must-have for several reasons.

Hot and Bothered: Jose Luis Angulo Poses For Adrian C. Martin

Jose Luis Angulo

Is there a better way to fight the bitter cold than with a hot body? Jose Luis Angulo will have anyone feeling extra toasty this winter!

Powerful Undies: Calvin Klein Iron Strength Collection

papi Neon Sport

The Calvin Klein Iron Strength Collection features both Cotton and Micro options in various cuts and colors. Each variation is designed for maximum impact.

Warming Up your Winter Blues with Blue Underwear

Does this cold weather have you feeling blue? This trend shoot featuring the hottest light blue underwear styles from this season will reenergize you!!

Watch Your Tone – Dual Tone Undies

Remember when people were limited to only a hand full of underwear colors or options? This trend shoot focuses on exciting Dual Tone Underwear styles.