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More About CA-RIO-CA
CA-RIO-CA is a men’s apparel company that started in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The name, CA-RIO-CA, comes from the indigenous Tupi people of the city of Rio. CA-RIO-CA provides high quality of fabric with fashionable design for its swimwear line. The company offers consumers a high quality swim and product that promotes their unique style, active lifestyle and self-confidence. “We are the Brazilian style and bring that directly to you with our sungas,” according to the brand.

Founded by Gil Evans, CA-RIO-CA Swimwear offers three sexy styles: bikinis, low-rise sunga and classic sunga. A sunga is the Brazilian word for men’s swimwear, which are made from heavier nylon and are cut to form a nearly horizontal band across the body. CA-RIO-CA Swimwear offers sungas from lycra, polyamide and spandex for a closer fit. The brand’s collection of swimwear attempts to embody the spirit and energy of Rio de Janeiro. Handmade in Ipanema Beach, the CA-RIO-CA swimwear line offers consumers a distinctive collection that complements the male physique without being overly revealing.

CA-RIO-CA offers several unique design features creating a sporty, sexy flair. The brand presents swimwear in the colors of the Brazilian flag: yellow, green, white and blue with “Brasil” on the front. The swimwear range showcases a variety of numbers to mirror the look of numeric prints seen on Brazilian soccer teams. The brand also features color combinations similar to popular Brazilian soccer teams. Offering a contemporary edge, the brand also brings together various shades of stripes for its classic cuts.

The brand recommends that its swimwear should be rinsed in cold water immediately after each use to prevent chemical damage to our swimwear.

In addition to swimwear, the brand also offers sportswear, apparel and accessories. The company is currently based in Miami, FL.