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More About Burberry Underwear
Burberry underwear is a branch of the Burberry clothing brand, established by Thomas Burberry in 1856. Since the brand’s founding, Burberry has grown to be one of the most iconic brands in Great Britain, and a very renown brand even internationally. With such high standards for quality and style, the brand’s success in creating classy and fashionable clothing has translated all the way into their Burberry underwear for men.

With options in briefs, boxer briefs and boxer shorts, Burberry men’s underwear comes in all colors and styles. Keeping up with their successful men’s designer clothes, the brand’s underwear collections are just as innovative and trendy. Burberry underwear sports features like finely ribbed trims, double stitching on all trims, striking logos on their elasticized waistbands, and even the occasional button fly on their boxer shorts. In their patterns and colors, Burberry underwear shows off bold and masculine color choices to pop against their either white or checkered grey elastic waistbands, as well as multiple plaid choices for their boxer shorts.

Though the brand established significant popularity through their jackets and designers clothes, after over one hundred fifty years of innovation, Burberry underwear has only continued to show the brand’s further success and sense of high-quality fashion.