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More About BumChums
BumChums proudly refers to their product as “bum-lovin’ pants,” and with vibrant styles suitable for any occasion, they uphold the name wonderfully! In contrast to many other brands, BumChums makes it clear that they aren’t in the business for themselves. They are, in fact, on a mission to “rid the world of dull, dreary, sad and saggy men’s underwear and replace with fun, funky, form fitting fancies!”

As the 21st century fosters a more and more style-centric culture, BumChums knows that the average man isn’t just looking for some boring piece of fabric to keep their “precious assets” in check, they want more style! Fostering a “dress up from the inside-out” attitude, BumChums creates mens designer underwear with flashy, striking colors and shines. Through a variety of styles and color palettes, including metallic choices, BumChums recreates underwear for men to provide them with a star-power sense of confidence no matter the occasion.

The brand’s design and cut choices truly provide a nice range of use whether you’re looking for style or some good men’s athletic underwear. Whether you need the metallic hipster boxer-briefs for a fun-night out, or a full-range a motion cotton sport brief for hitting the gym, BumChums does a great job of keeping your bum’s best interests in mind!