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More About Buffalo David Bitton Underwear
Buffalo David Bitton Underwear is a collection that strives to be every man’s “go to” for your drawer. From briefs, boxer briefs, to boxers, they produce a line of products that breathe and move as you do, ensuring that the fit you begin the day with remains with you throughout. This brand boasts of a simple technique to their undergarments that consists of cotton blends and elastic that contours to the male physique in winning style. Buffalo knows that a lot of men want a no-fuss solution to their undergarments and this is exactly where they excel. From their modest beginnings to present day, David Bitton has always produced a line of men’s apparel that spans beyond boxers or briefs. Through their line of apparel, they have also cultivated a following for men’s undergarments, and now this company has over twenty years of making clothes that they can be proud of.

This brand targets a younger, more fashion conscious market, which can directly be seen in the collections they offer. Maintaining a unique and fresh aesthetic to their arsenal is an integral part of their success; and, their stores now span 18 countries worldwide. They are available everywhere that quality apparel is sold: Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Bloomingdale’s, and many more.