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More About Bruno Banani
Bruno Banani is a German fashion company with headquarters in Chemnitz that offers stylish apparel and beauty products for men and women. Bruno Banani considers itself to be more than an apparel brand but a supplier of nonconformist and trendy ideas. Since the company’s founding in 1993, Bruno Banani aims to offer high quality and exceptional workmanship. Founded by Wolfgang Jassner, Bruno Banani clearly states on all of its product tags: “Made in Germany.”

In the early 1990s, Bruno Banani began launching its core men’s underwear line. Bruno Banani Underwear offers basic styles of boxer briefs and boxer shorts. Boxer briefs are offered in basic colors such as white, black, red and green as well as distinctive stripes in a variety of contemporary shades. Made from a soft cotton elastane fabric blend, the boxer briefs feature a classic cuts. The boxer shorts come in a variety of classic prints and a soft elastic waistband. The style is made from 100% cotton.

In addition to offering Bruno Banani Underwear, the brand offers a stylish line of Bruno Banani swimwear for men.  Expressive prints and interesting play of colors characterize the limited-edition styles of the Bruno Banani swimwear line. Bruno Banani presents four unique styles: bathing thong, bathing mini, swim shorts, and Badehipshort Swim Bermuda — combined with new colors that shimmer particularly masculine on tanned bodies. The basic models of swimwear remain the motto “sporty, fashionable and functional” faithful.

A popular brand in Europe, Bruno Banani offers a line of licensed apparel such as: Bruno Banani watches, Bruno Banani shoes and Bruno Banani cologne.