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More About Bone Wear
Bone Wear is awesome and unique in itself right off the bat, seeing as it is South Africa’s first, and only, international underwear brand! Though the brand seems to be one of its own in location and culture, Bone Wear’s underwear is made to fit the entire world, and provides innovative fit for the athlete with a unique style any man could love.

All Bone Wear underwear is made from high-quality two-way stretch cotton lycra, making all movement amazingly comfortably. Some of the brands new collections lead the athletic underwear industry with their unique bijou lycra, a super-light and breathable fabric that provides the ultimate support- especially for the athlete.

Though most of Bone Wear underwear can seen to be athletic in nature, South Africa’s Bone Wear makes huge strides with style as well. With brief, trunk and jockstrap options, the brand provides plenty of varying and all equally sexy and striking color palettes. Bone Wear makes underwear choices that are not only unique in differing from each other, but in differing from any other underwear designs in the mainstream industry. While they redefine style and sex appeal, the brand insists, and rightly so, that their collections could appeal to any taste. Bone Wear is a truly consistent and great-looking brand, with comfortable designs and form-fitting fabrics that you can feel all the way down to your bones!